A Standard Cleaning That's Anything But Standard

At Clear Choice Maids, we’re passionate about tackling tough messes. Unlike most professional cleaners, we never skimp when it’s time to clean all of the messes that seem to have gotten away from you. Whether we’re performing a quick kitchen cleaning or cleaning a house from top to bottom, we guarantee that you won’t find more dependable professional cleaning services.

Do More With Your Free Time

Accomplishing everything on your cleaning checklist takes time. From ensuring that countertops are thoroughly wiped, scrubbed and dusted to making busy living spaces tidy enough to accommodate foot traffic, house cleaning chores can leave you feeling like you’re struggling to keep up.
Fortunately, our passion for scrubbing, mopping and dusting knows no bounds. We pride ourselves on leaving every baseboard sparkling, wiping away tenacious microwave grime, vacuuming all of the spots you can’t reach and leaving homes better than we found them.
Why waste time trying to clean your house when our trustworthy professional cleaning team can get the job done so much more effectively? At Clear Choice, we don’t believe cleaning jobs are complete until you’re completely satisfied.

Sanitize Your Home for Lasting Peace of Mind

Dusting and housecleaning aren’t just for those who hate disorder. Whether you love the spotless look of a refreshed carpet after a pass with the vacuum or just can’t stand dirt and cobwebs, a clean home delivers a unique air of tranquility in a fast-paced world.
Our professional cleaning service was created with your mental well-being in mind. In addition to providing the best cleaning you’ll ever be privileged to enjoy, we help you keep your life in order.
By leaving things absolutely spotless, we make it easier to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. What’s more, our comprehensive maid services give you the satisfaction of being able to use your newly clean house without tripping over messes along the way.

Depend on Our Proven Methodology

What distinguishes effective home cleaning services from their less-than-stellar counterparts? It goes beyond how many cobwebs your cleaner clears away or whether they leave the toilet sparkling.
Efficient maid services revolve around planning. We leverage years of expertise to identify likely areas where dust might gather, target high-traffic zones of your household and conduct top-to-bottom house cleaning campaigns that leave no corner undusted. By being thorough from the very start, we’re able to clean faster and make fewer mistakes, so you get more pleasure out of the results.

Go With Northwest Houston's Most Trusted Cleaning Service

Finding the right maid service might not be a matter of life or death, but it can permanently impact how much you enjoy your daily existence. Don’t gamble your happiness or money on cleaning services that fall short of your expectations. Schedule an appointment with the cleaning experts by calling Clear Choice Maids today.

What To Expect?

Want to know the differences between our cleaning services. Take a look at our comparison chart.

All Rooms

Cleaning Task Standard Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning
Remove all cobwebs
Dust and/or vacuum furniture
Dust lamps & lampshades
Clean all ceiling fans, blades, & light fixtures* dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean pictures & knick-knacks dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean blinds* dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean window sills & lock ledges dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean moldings & woodwork dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean baseboards* dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Stairs (vacuumed)
Clean & disinfect all floors
Wastebaskets (emptied/washed/relined)
Clean all doors
Light switch plates
Carpet edges (vacuum crevices)
Vacuum lower air return vents
Special attention to heavy dust build-up


Cleaning Task Standard Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning
Clean & sanitize all counter-tops/back-splashes & sinks
Clean & polish outside of appliances
Clean stove-top & drip pans
Clean inside of microwave
Special attention to build-up in kitchen
Wet clean all cabinet fronts
Clean inside of refrigerator
Clean inside oven
Clean inside all cabinets, drawers, & shelves


Cleaning Task Standard Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning
Clean mirrors
Clean & sanitize all counter-tops & sinks
Clean & sanitize shower, tub and tile double scrubbed
Clean & disinfect in & around toilet
Wet clean all cabinet fronts
Special attention to build-up in bathrooms

Bedrooms & Laundry Room

Cleaning Task Standard Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning
Make beds
Dust under beds
Dust around washer & dryer