Experience the Value of a Truly Clean House

Is your home overdue for a deep cleaning? Getting in touch with Clear Choice Maids could be the best decision you ever make.
We’re proud to offer the best cleaning options in Northwest Houston. When you’re facing a mess that can’t just be wiped, dusted or vacuumed away, you can depend on our professional cleaning experts to save the day.
Some messes take more work than others to clean. Despite your best efforts, these examples of unsightly build up, stains, dirt and scuffs resist all attempts at removal. Is hope lost?

What Is a Deep Clean?

Don’t give up just yet. Deep cleaning is the answer to these challenges, and as Houston’s leading professional cleaning service, we’ve cleaned it all. From counter-tops so dusty they looked like the lunar surface to disorderly closets that resembled munitions ranges, our house cleaners have tackled their fair share of messes. What distinguishes us from other maid services, however, is that we’ve never met a mess we couldn’t conquer.

The Best in Thorough Housecleaning

What’s involved in cleaning surfaces when the usual tactics won’t cut it? Our professional cleaners work from top to bottom to ensure that we don’t miss a single spot. In addition to dusting and polishing as you might expect, we take extra time to give surfaces a rigorous scrubbing — This helps eliminate fingerprints, discoloration and other defects that detract from your home’s appearance. Once we’ve vacuumed and rearranged items to make everything tidy, we perform a final inspection to ensure our work is spotless.
Our professional cleaners care about your home and family. We disinfect using safe cleaners, and everyone who works with our maid service passes rigorous vetting. You should never have to take risks to enjoy a good house cleaning, and we make it possible to tidy up with confidence.

Find Out Why We're the Clear Choice for Home Cleaning

Professional cleaning services come and go, but we are here to stay. What’s our secret?
Our success reflects our positive attitudes toward professional house cleaning and customer service. You see, to us, it doesn’t matter whether someone needs a routine spring cleaning or help refreshing an inherited estate property. We do our best house cleaning work no matter what, and people love our house cleaning service because of it.

Book Our Cleaning Services Soon

Want to discover the true meaning of comprehensive home cleaning services? Schedule an appointment. Thanks to our 100 percent complete clean guarantee, you never need to wonder whether your house cleaning services might underperform — Tell us that we made a mistake or left a mess within 24 hours, and we’ll fix it.
Scheduling a deep home cleaning couldn’t be easier, so get started. Contact Clear Choice Maids to experience a truly complete cleaning service.

What To Expect?

Want to know the differences between our cleaning services. Take a look at our comparison chart.

All Rooms

Cleaning Task Standard Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning
Remove all cobwebs
Dust and/or vacuum furniture
Dust lamps & lampshades
Clean all ceiling fans, blades, & light fixtures* dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean pictures & knick-knacks dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean blinds* dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean window sills & lock ledges dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean moldings & woodwork dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Clean baseboards* dusted wet wiped wet wiped
Stairs (vacuumed)
Clean & disinfect all floors
Wastebaskets (emptied/washed/relined)
Clean all doors
Light switch plates
Carpet edges (vacuum crevices)
Vacuum lower air return vents
Special attention to heavy dust build-up


Cleaning Task Standard Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning
Clean & sanitize all counter-tops/back-splashes & sinks
Clean & polish outside of appliances
Clean stove-top & drip pans
Clean inside of microwave
Special attention to build-up in kitchen
Wet clean all cabinet fronts
Clean inside of refrigerator
Clean inside oven
Clean inside all cabinets, drawers, & shelves


Cleaning Task Standard Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning
Clean mirrors
Clean & sanitize all counter-tops & sinks
Clean & sanitize shower, tub and tile double scrubbed
Clean & disinfect in & around toilet
Wet clean all cabinet fronts
Special attention to build-up in bathrooms

Bedrooms & Laundry Room

Cleaning Task Standard Cleaning Deep Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning
Make beds
Dust under beds
Dust around washer & dryer